Happy New Year, Our First Orchid Import of 2017 is Underway.


With the new year we needed some new orchids, the paperwork is with the Kenyan authorities, once they give the OK we can book a flight. This import is mainly made up of the Dendrobiums Alliance as our stock was getting rather thin. A few old favorites and a few new ones to choose from. There are a number of new Antelope Orchid crosses (the dendrobium flowers with the ears) which we have had great results with here. Just hover your mouse over the photos to stop the slide shows or move through quickly, enjoy.


As always some new varieties to choose from, for the collector I have a few seedling size Fredclarkeara After Dark “SVO” Black Pearl, said to be the only true black flowering orchid. New to us at the nursery are Cleisostoma arietinum and discolor, Cycnoches warszewiczii x Catasetum tenebrosum, Paphiopedilum maudiae ‘black’, Trichoglottis orchidea and Oncidium Yuan Nan Gold. From the Vanda Alliance Rhynchostylis Gigantea Cartoon and Vanda Chao Phraya Violet.


Cattleya I have brought in only a few, most are well tested and back by popular demand but I have included a interesting Cattleya x Laelia that looks like it may be rather interesting.


As always I have not bought many of each type, so book your plants early to save disappointment.

I strongly suggest you do some research on the orchids you propose to grow to confirm they are suited to your climate (good books seem most reliable or just google the name, for most there is plenty of info/help). All are subject to availability.

The Flower pictures are as examples of what the flowers will look like, not pictures of the plants for sale. 

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