Sculpture & Orchid Mounts


My true love in any garden are the trees, having been brought up and worked in the forest’s of the North Downs in the south of England. Orchids, Tillandsia & Bromeliads are the perfect plants to accentuate their beauty.

Taking this thought a little further, the wood orchids naturally live on can become a garden sculpture in its own right. The best wood  I have found for sculpture & orchid mounts is one hundred odd kilometers east on the outskirts of Tsavo National Park. The hardwood you can find there has been sun dried for years and even the termites have given up, having eaten all they can, making it very resilient as an orchid mounts. We also use a variety of other hard wood we come across at the coast.

Prices start at Ksh. 4,000/- for a wall hanging and up.

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Tropical Orchid Nursery located in Malindi, Kenya