Orchids for Sale


We have a number of different orchids for sale in our stock. They are a combination of orchids we have grown from cuttings or splitting and orchids we import from around the world. Below are some of the orchids for sale. I have added a little basic information to help you choose the plant you want. The information is essentially tailored for the coast but the vast majority of these orchids do as well or better up-country.

Our stock of orchids changes through the year with new imported orchids and new plants from our nursery becoming available. The slideshows below show plants we try to bring in reasonably regularly or grow here. It is advisable to do a little homework on what you are thinking of buying to confirm it suites your local climate. Please contact us for the list of orchids we have available in stock.

The prices of our orchids for sale are based on a blooming sized plant. If you are looking for a particular orchid contact us before you come to confirm we still have that orchid in stock, All are all subject to availability.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]


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Cost from:    6cm plastic pot/wood block – Ksh. 2,000/-  10cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 2,750/-   15cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 3,000/-

Conditions:     Best kept in a bright area avoiding direct sunlight in the heat of the day.

Difficulty Rating:     Probably the toughest of our orchids for sale. What I would suggest for a first orchid, they flower consistently once established and recover well from most basic mistakes.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]


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Cost from:    6cm plastic pot – Ksh. 3,000/-  10cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 3,250/-   15cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 3,500/-

Conditions:     Best kept in a shaded area avoiding direct sunlight.

Difficulty Rating:     A hardy orchid that is as happy inside the house as it is outside. Over watering is something to avoid with this orchid as rot can set in on the roots quite easily. If like me you use coconut products as media, regular media changes are recommended. [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]


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Cost from:    6cm plastic pot – Ksh. 3,000/-  10cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 3,250/-   15cm terracotta pot – Ksh. 3,500/-

Conditions:     Best kept in a shaded area avoiding direct sunlight.

Difficulty Rating:     Of the orchids for sale we have Cattleya are probably the most challenging. While not overly difficult, too much water or sun can become fatal quite quickly. But as you can see, they are well worth the effort.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]

Ansellia, Oncidium & Schomburgkia, Coelogyne, Angraecum, Brassia, Epicattleya, Grammatophyllum, Renanthera, Rhynchostylis & Zelemnia:

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Cost From:    Ksh. 1,750/- and up depending on the size and rarity  of the orchid.

Conditions:     Best kept in a well light area, avoiding direct sunlight in the middle of the day.

Difficulty Rating:     Most are hardy orchids without any serious weakness others in this group need hot conditions which may be an issue at altitude upcountry.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]


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Cost from:    Ksh. 2,500/- depending on the plant and mount/pot.

Courier Delivery Costs Around Kenya by Courier

There is a standard 5 kg minimum weight. To give you an idea of what that amounts to, I am sending two established orchids in 15 cm clay pots today, they weigh 3.5kgs, 5 kgs would roughly cover 3 orchids in clay pots. After that every extra kg costs 50/- (This can change to more remote areas).

Below are some prices to major centres around Kenya for a shipment below 5 Kgs. Prices include Postage & Packing.

Mombasa                                     Ksh. 750/-

Nairobi                                           Ksh. 1,050/-

Nakuru                                           Ksh. 1,300/-

Nanyuki                                         Ksh. 1,400/-

Kisumu                                           Ksh. 1,450/-[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#1a1616″]

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