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The Hanging Gardens of Malindi Team
The Hanging Gardens of Malindi Team

Thank you for taking the time to look at our web site. We have now been on the property since 1987 when we first built the house. When we arrived there was only a cashew nut tree and a couple of others on the entire site.

One of the joys of gardening in the tropics is the speed everything grows. I have been collecting and propagating orchids as a hobby here for many years now, so the idea of a transition to an orchid nursery developed over that time. Our nursery specialises in tropical orchids, Spanish moss, tillandsia or “Old Man’s Beard”

A brief history of my gardening career; I first joined a landscape gardening firm when I was 16, a couple of years later I started my own company which I operated for 11 years.   We employed between 4 – 16 workers depending on the season and covered the south east of England from Dover to Chichester and up to North London.

Work involved annual Ground Maintenance Contracts for various large companies, County Councils and housing associations such as British Telcom, British Gas, Hyde Housing, Servite Homes.  We also carried out landscaping projects for property development companies such as Gleesons, Wimpy, British Airways Housing, Berkley Homes and many smaller firms and estate agents.

At present, visits to The Hanging Gardens of Malindi are by appointment only, so get in touch before you come up to avoid disappointment. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

All the best

Nick Conway

Email: info@hanginggardensofmalindi.com    Tel: 0717 074987

6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey.
    A group of friends bought me an orchid (my first) because of my love for gardening. I have never grown one and thought I would google. I found you online and we can’t believe it’s right here in Kenya. The pictures are owesome and I will definitely be visiting.
    Keep up ! I have sent your link around 🙂

  2. Very nice website! A friend in Nairobi told me about you.
    She subscribes to your regular listings (slide show). The photos are too stunning – must be awarded plants.
    We grow Zygopelatum easily in Nairobi (outside). I see that you offer them. Do they do well in the heat?
    Have you got Angraecum sesquipedale?
    Am also intrigued by one your your Phal species (unnamed).
    Will be in Kilifi next week. When can one visit you?
    Where are you?


    1. Hi Ingeborg great to hear from you and thanks. Yes we do grow zygopetalum, i have two types both grow well here, one flowers regularly the other is more difficult to get to flower here but does when conditions are right. I do not have Angraecum sesquipedale. Which Phal? We are situated on the west side of Malindi North there is a decent map on our web page http://www.hanginggardensofmalindi.com/?page_id=126 If you give me a call to arrange a visit here. I’m going to be very busy the next few days as our new import cleared customs half an hour ago and all being well will arrive in Malindi tomorrow morning. all bare root so plenty of work to get through once they are here. Should have our act together by Saturday. I look forward to hearing from you, best Nick

    2. Dear Sir, I am from India and found yourweb page. glad to know that your org. sells Orchids. I am visiting Kenya on the last week of April., would like to visit your firm. At present I am the Secretary of Orchid Society Of Kanya Kumari. and will be staying in Kenya for a week. Thanks,
      joseph Stanly (face book address)


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