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Useful Orchid Links & Contact Information for the The Hanging Gardens of Malindi

Tel: 0717 074987

Postal Address: P.O. Box 5562, Malindi, 80200

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Useful Links: 

RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) international orchid register:

Kew Gardens data base:

CITES home page:


7 thoughts on “Links and Contact Info.”

    1. Hi Imran at present we only have the two grammatophyllum on offer and those are out of stock but coming in on the next import. We are in Malindi and if you contact me re what date you would like to visit we can make a date for you to come. best Nick

  1. Hi Nick,

    We spoke a week ago regarding a possible purchase of Orchids.I was to download images and send to you but when I go not onto FB and click not he image to enlarge it does not open up so I can’t copy and then forward to you. Please advise.


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