More Treasure Arriving From Thailand


We are now queued up in Thailand waiting for our turn for air freight out which should be soon. With my core clientele being more collectors, I have gone for a wider selection of different orchids but less of each. I have stuck mainly with Cattleya’s and Dendrobiums but also some Aerides, Bulbophyllum, Oncidium and Rhynchostylis.

This time I have the terracotta orchid pots, hanging baskets and some wood ready to plant in or on, as far superior than the plastic pots we started with last time. The prices will start at our normal rates, e.g. ksh. 2,750/- for dendrobiums in 10 cm terracotta orchid pots but this time I have also ordered some special plants that have cost far more than normal over there.

I have also ordered a number of single plants that I want to try out in our climate before I take the plunge and order any number for selling. Take a look at the pictures below (pictures from the supplier or web as examples of the plants) I will confirm the prices as soon as I get a good look at the plants.

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