Orchids for Sale at the Hanging Gardens of Malindi


Here as promised the prices for the orchids just imported. Get in touch for costs of courier delivery to your door in Kenya. Message us directly for your orders or more information. Happy Growing!

 The prices are on each of the flower pictures below. To hold the pictures hover you mouse over them.

Dendrobiums Include: Akebono, aphyllum, bullenianum, chrysotoxum, crepidatum, cretaceum, crumenatum, discolor x Dendrobium antennatum, discolor x Dendrobium Rambo, discolor x Dendrobium tangerinum, farmeri var pink, Gatton Sunray, goldschmidtianum, lindleyi, Numpuka, Pink Beauty Queen, primulinum, primulinum Laos, Rainbow dance ‘Akazukin’, Roongkamol Vejvarut, Santa Isabel True love, Second Love Kirameki,  senile, Uthaiwan x Dendrobium tangerinum, venustum and  Watanabe White.

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Cattleya include:                                                                                                          Alma Kee, Anna Balmores, Chyong Guu Swan, Patchara Fancy, Pink Empress, Queen Sirikit and walkeriana x Laelia anceps.

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Other Species:                                                                                                              Brassavola Little Stars, Cleisostoma arietinum, Cleisostoma discolor, Cycnoches warszewiczii x Catasetum tenebrosum, Encyclia Jairak Venus, Oncidium Yuan Nan Fragrant, Oncidium Yuan Nan Gold, Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum, Paphiopedilum maudiae ‘black’, Renanthera Kalsom x Renanthera coccinea, Rhynchocentrum Ladda Gold, Rhynchocentrum Lilac Blossom, Rhynchostylis gigantea var cartoon, Trichoglottis orchidea and Vanda Chao Phraya Violet.

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Below are other orchids still in stock from previous imports.

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We strongly suggest you do some research on the orchids you propose to grow to confirm they are suited to your climate (good books seem most reliable or just google the name, for most there is plenty of info/help). We have not bought many of each plant so get your order in quickly to be sure to get what you want. All are subject to availability.

The Flower pictures are as examples of what the flowers will look like, not picture of the plants for sale. All subject to availability. 

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