Vertical Orchid Garden


Vertical gardening has become quite a talking point over the last few years and we thought it was time to try a couple of vertical orchid garden designs. These were made at the start of December and are now showing decent signs of growth. We designed them just like a picture frame, you can hang them on a wall or they can hang like a sign post. These frames are very simple but you could use different wood, I thought old dhow wood would be rather nice. To hold the pictures hover you mouse over them.


 Many gardens here are walled which traditionally at the coast bougainvillea is the go to plant. But its a lot of work and not every-bodies cup of tea and tends to take up quite a lot of space depth wise. So these orchid picture frames are the perfect answer. Using the holy trinity when it comes to my sort of garden design, mainly orchids but also, Bromeliads and Tillandsia. 


On these two frames we have used a number of mainly large growing orchids. In a reasonably short amount of time they will cover the entire surface. We have combined orchids that’s flowers grow upwards and others that are pendulous. We have mainly picked orchids that are easy to keep and flower regularly and for long periods of time.

The frames can be moved very easily and take up a limited amount of space. If the area they are being displayed in is not suitable for watering they are easily taken to a different location to water or feed.

If your interested get in touch, happy growing. The Hanging Gardens

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  1. Hi good morning
    I am interested in orchids a really love them. I would like to know which orchids you have for sale. Is it possible to send them to Nairobi.


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